Check mepcobill by reference number

Enter reference number

OR Enter Consumber ID

See your Mepcobill with your reference number, for this, you have to provide your 14-digit reference number given on your bill. If you can’t find your reference number or don’t know where your bill number is, you can refer to the image below for help. you can also get your electricity bill from your consumer ID. You will need to look under your bill reference number for your bill’s consumer ID. You will get a Bill ID. After that, you can check your bill by entering the reference and consumer number in the input field below.


Print your mepco duplicate bill online

If you want to print your mepco bill duplicate then you must know your reference number and consumer ID number, if you don’t know the reference number and consumer ID number then you can take help from the above image.

After that, you have to follow the instructions given below:

  1. Open the EbillWizard website using Google Chrome.
  2. You must have your reference or consumer ID number.
  3. Enter your Reference and consumer ID number in the input fields.
  4. Then click the Generate button.
  5. A new tab will open after a few seconds.
  6. Here you can see your bill for the current month.

Above the bill is the Print Bill button, click on the button and print your bill.

print mepco bill

Different Taxes in MEPCOBill

MEPCO bill includes various taxes and surcharges that you might have come across. Here’s a breakdown of these common taxes:

FPA (Fuel Price Adjustment): This reflects fluctuations in fuel prices, particularly from rental power companies that generate electricity from sources like crude oil. When there are changes in fuel prices, you’ll see this adjustment on your bill.

TR Surcharge (Tariff Rationalization Surcharge): This reflects the difference between NEPRA and GOP tariffs. If the difference is positive, it’s payable by the GOP as a subsidy. However, if it’s negative, the Distribution Company pays GOP as an “Inter DISCO Tariff Rationalization Surcharge (IDTR SUR).”

FC Surcharge (Financing Cost Surcharge): A charge of 43 paisa per unit is added as the FC surcharge to secure the collection of debt servicing of Power Holding Private Limited.

Deferred Amount: This is the portion of your bill that you can choose to pay later in the same month. There are no late payment charges on deferred bills, but keep in mind that your next bills may include this amount in installments or as a lump sum.

QTR Tariff Adj / DMC (Quarterly Tariff Adjustment): This amount appears in your bill every three months as part of the quarterly tariff adjustment.

If you’re interested in estimating your bill amount, you can use the MEPCO bill calculator on their website.

MEPCO Bill SMS Service

MEPCO understands the convenience its customers need, so it offers a straightforward SMS service to provide you with your bill information. To receive your bill information via SMS, all you have to do is type ‘pitc 14-digit reference number’ and send it to 8334. It’s a quick and easy way to access your bill details.


How would I get my Mepco bill?

  • Visit
  • Enter your reference or consumer ID.
  • In the new Tab, your latest bill will be generated.
  • Print your bill and pay.

How to pay MEPCO bill online?

There are the following methods to pay MEPCO bill online:

  1. Nayapay, using the Nayapay app on your mobile you can easily pay your latest monthly bill.
  2. Easypaisa
  3. JazzCash
  4. Mobile Banking Apps and more.

How to check a mepco bill without a reference number?

Do you want to see your electricity bill without a reference number? If yes, then it is not possible. Because Mepco does not yet have a system that can print bills without a reference number. You will need to provide your reference number to receive the bill. Without it, you cannot receive your bill. If you don’t know your bill reference number, you can refer to the image above for help

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