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To check your IESCO bill by reference number, follow these simple steps:

  1. Locate your IESCO bill, which contains a 14-digit reference number. This reference number is essential for checking your bill online.
  2. If you cannot find your reference number or are unsure where it is located on your bill, you can check the image given below.
  3. Alternatively, you can also find your bill’s consumer ID on your electricity bill. The consumer ID is usually located under the bill reference number.
  4. Once you have both the reference number and consumer ID, visit the IESCO website or online bill-checking portal.
  5. Look for the input field provided on the website and enter your 14-digit reference number and your bill’s consumer ID.
  6. After entering the required information, click the “Submit” or “Check Bill” button to proceed.
  7. The system will then retrieve your IESCO bill based on the provided reference number and consumer ID. You can view, print, or download your electricity bill as needed.

IESCObill(Islamabad) Electric Company

IESCO, the Islamabad Electric Supply Company, has a fascinating history of evolution. It originated as the Area Electricity Board (AEB) Islamabad in 1981, which was one of several AEBs created as part of amendments to the WAPDA Act. Later, in 1998, IESCO transitioned into an independent company under the Companies Ordinance 1984, marking a significant milestone in the Power Sector Restructuring Program. Today, IESCO plays a pivotal role in the distribution, supply, and sale of electricity in a vast area spanning from Attock to Jhelum and from the Indus River to the Neelum River in Kashmir. Serving approximately 3.2 million customers and emphasizing sustainable practices, IESCO stands as a prominent electricity provider in the region, contributing to the region’s power supply and development.

Taxes in the IESCO Bill

Here’s a breakdown of the common taxes and charges you might encounter:

  1. Fuel Price Adjustment (FPA):

The FPA is based on the cost of oil used to generate electricity. If there’s an increase in fuel costs, this adjustment will be added to your bill, reflecting the additional expense incurred by the power company.

  1. Tariff Rationalization (TR) Surcharge:

The TR Surcharge represents the difference between the electricity tariff set by NEPRA (National Electric Power Regulatory Authority) and the government (GOP). If the tariff set by NEPRA is higher than the government-set tariff, the GOP subsidizes the difference. However, if the NEPRA tariff is lower, the Distribution Company covers the gap.

  1. Finance Cost (FC) Surcharge:

The FC Surcharge covers the debt of the power holding company. It is a charge applied to each unit of electricity consumed and is currently set at 43 paise per unit.

  1. Deferred Volume:

This refers to the amount you’ve agreed to pay for the current month or in the future. It may appear as a full payment or as installments on your upcoming bills. There are typically no late payment fees associated with deferred volume payments.

  1. Quarterly Tariff Adjustment/DMC (Differential Monthly Charges):

The Quarterly Tariff Adjustment or DMC is an annual adjustment to the tariff. You will see this adjustment on your bill every few months, reflecting changes in the electricity tariff over time.

IESCO Circle & Divisions

Here’s an overview of the organization’s structure and coverage areas:


  1. Islamabad Circle: Oversees areas such as Islamabad, Barakahu, and nearby regions.
  2. Rawalpindi Circle: Manages Rawalpindi city, its surroundings, and several divisions within the city.
  3. Attock Circle: Covers districts like Taxila, Pindigheb, and Attock.
  4. Jhelum Circle: Manages areas in Jhelum, including Jhelum City and Gujar Khan.
  5. Chakwal Circle: Includes Chakwal city, Talagang, Dhudial, and Pind Dadan Khan.


How to check the IESCO online bill?

You can check your IESCO online bill at by entering your 14-digit reference number.

How to calculate the IESCO estimate bill?

You can calculate the cost of your IESCO electricity for your residential connection by entering your consumed units on the IESCO website.

Can I check the bill by meter number?

IESCO subscribers can only check their bills by using the 14-digit reference number, not by the meter number.

Can I check the IESCO bill by name or address?

No, you cannot check your bill by name or address. You must use the 14-digit reference number to access your bill online.

How to get the previous month’s bill?

If you did not receive your previous month’s bill, you can get a duplicate copy of it through the IESCO website or by visiting the nearest IESCO office.

What is the unit rate for the IESCO residential connection?

You can check IESCO’s residential unit rates on their website.

What are the IESCO peak hours?

The peak hours for IESCO are from 7:00 pm to 11:00 pm, and IESCO encourages customers to reduce electricity consumption during these hours.

How to change the consumer name on the IESCO electricity bill?

The procedure to change the consumer name on the IESCO bill is similar to applying for a new connection. You can visit the IESCO office and apply for a name change request.

How can I apply for a new connection?

If you want a new IESCO connection, you will need to fill out and submit the “Application and Agreement” form, also known as the A&A form.

Can I check the IESCO bill by ID card (CNIC) number?

Currently, you can only check the bill by using the 14-digit reference number.

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