Check the QESCO bill

Enter Your Referece Number

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Check your QESCO bill by reference number, you’ll need to have your 14-digit reference number, which is provided on your bill. If you need help locating your reference number or are unsure about its placement on your bill, the image below can assist you in identifying it. Additionally, you can retrieve your electricity bill using your consumer ID. Your bill’s consumer ID can be found beneath the bill reference number. Once you have your Bill ID, you can proceed to check your bill by entering both the reference and consumer numbers into the designated input field below. This process ensures a straightforward way to access and view your QESCO bill using the reference number and consumer ID.


Distribution areas of QESCO

QESCO’s includes the following districts:

AwaranBarkhanBolanChaghiDera BugtiGwadarJafarabad
Jhal MagsiKalatKechKharanKhuzdarKohluLoralai
MustangMushkhelNaseerabadNushkiPanjgurPishinQilla Abdullah

Print QESCObill using the reference number

printing your Qesco bill duplicate, follow these instructions:

  1. Access the EbillWizard website using the Google Chrome browser.
  2. Ensure that you have your reference or consumer ID number ready.
  3. Enter both your Reference and consumer ID numbers in the designated input fields.
  4. Click on the “Generate” button.
  5. After a few seconds, a new tab will open.
  6. In this new tab, you can view your bill for the current month.
  7. Above the bill, you’ll find the “Print Bill” button. Click on this button to print a copy of your bill.

QESCO(Quetta Electric Supply Company)

QESCO, known as Quetta Electric Supply Company (کوئٹہ الیکٹرک سپلائی کمپنی), functions as a prominent power distribution company in Balochistan, covering a vast 43% of Pakistan’s total land area. Its primary responsibility lies in providing electrical power to the entire Balochistan region, except for the Lasbela district.

The company commenced its operations on July 1, 1998, following the corporate conversion and commercialization of WAPDA. QESCO assumed the management of WAPDA’s (واپڈا) assets and liabilities as part of the restructuring of the former Energy District Board into a corporate entity. Presently, the Ministry of Water and Power of the Government of Pakistan oversees the administration of QESCO.

The peak demand for power is anticipated to reach 1659 MW by 2015, with an annual growth rate of 8%. To address this challenge, two 2×220 KV transmission lines have been approved for funding, with estimated costs of Rs 5.437 billion and Rs 5.089 billion, respectively. The commissioning of these transmission lines is expected to increase the safe power drawl to 721 MW while providing an additional 600-700 MW of power for the province, thus mitigating the issues related to low voltage profiles.


Can I check the QESCO invoice using my CNIC or cellphone number?

   – No, you can only check it using the 14-digit reference number.

How can I update my QESCO Wapda bill name?

   – To change the name on your QESCO bill, you can visit the nearest office and request the name change, following a process similar to that of applying for a new connection.

 What is the QESCO Helpline?

   – The QESCO Helpline is the customer service line, and you can contact them at 011 44 1992 632222 for assistance.

Can I pay my QESCO power payment in full?

   – Your current bill may not be suitable for full payment. However, if you have outstanding debts (arrears) on your bill, you may be allowed to make payments for that amount, along with interest as per your current bank rates.

How can I request a bill correction?

   – If you believe that the bill total is incorrect, you can visit your local QESCO office and explain your circumstances, where they will assist you with the necessary corrections.