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SEPCO bill reference or consumer ID, both of which are typically located at the beginning of your bill. In case you’re uncertain about where to find your reference number or consumer ID, you can refer to the provided image. Your SEPCO reference number comprises 14 digits, while the consumer ID consists of 10 digits. These identification numbers are essential for accessing and calculating your electricity bill.


Print your latest sepcobill

To obtain a duplicate SEPCO bill, please follow these simple steps:

  1. Visit the website.
  2. Select “SEPCO bill” from the navigation menu.
  3. Enter your reference or consumer ID number.
  4.  Click on the “Generate” button, and after a brief moment, a new tab will open displaying your most recent SEPCO bill.
  5. Finally, click on the “Print” button to print your bill.

SEPCO(Sukkur Electric Power Company)

SEPCO(Sukkur Electric Power Company (سیپکو الیکٹرک پاور کنسٹرکشن کارپوریشن)), is a prominent electricity distribution company based in Sukkur, Pakistan. It was established on July 26, 2010, following its separation from HESCO, the previous electricity provider that exclusively served the SEPCO areas.

The company manages three distribution circles: Sukkur, Ladkana, and Dadu. If you reside in these cities or their adjacent areas and require access to your electricity bill, this page has been designed to assist you. By simply entering your reference number, you can conveniently view your bill amount and due date on the following screen. Additionally, you have the option to print or download your SEPCO duplicate bill for your records.

Reduce your SEPCObill

  1. Turn off non-essential lights, kitchen appliances, and electronic devices when they are not in use.
  2. Opt for energy-efficient lighting options such as fluorescent and mercury vapor lamps instead of traditional incandescent bulbs.
  3. Use appropriately sized capacitors for fans and motors to enhance energy efficiency and reduce inductive loading.
  4. Ensure your air conditioner undergoes proper maintenance before the summer season to maximize its performance.
  5. Avoid using high-voltage appliances during peak hours to alleviate strain on the electrical grid.
  6. Enhance your home’s energy efficiency by installing double-paned glass windows and high-quality curtains to minimize heat gain from sunlight.
  7. Consider using rigid foam panels in your roof for insulation, as well as wall and ceiling insulation to maintain a cooler indoor environment during daylight hours.

Taxes included in the SEPCO bill

  1. FPA (Fuel Price Adjustment) The Fuel Price Adjustment is a way to account for fluctuations in fuel prices used for electricity generation. SEPCO adds a small extra charge to your bill to balance its costs due to these price changes. It’s designed to help stabilize the electricity rates.
  2. F.C. Surcharge (Financing Cost Surcharge): The F.C. Surcharge is a fixed rate added to your bill, calculated at 43 Paisa (0.43) per unit of electricity consumed. This surcharge helps cover the financing costs associated with providing electricity.
  3. TV Fee: Your SEPCO bill includes a fixed fee of Rs. 35, which goes toward supporting Pakistan Television (PTV). This fee helps fund the broadcasting of television programs and services.
  4. Quarterly Tariff Adjustment (QTA): The Quarterly Tariff Adjustment is applied four times a year, once every three months. It reflects changes in electricity tariffs and pricing structures that may have occurred during that specific period.
  5. GST (General Sales Tax): A 17% General Sales Tax is applied to the cost of electricity. This is a government tax and is included as part of your overall electricity charges.
  6. Electricity Duty: These charges, imposed by SEPCO on behalf of the government, contribute to various public services and infrastructure development.


What does SEPCO stand for?

 Sukkur Electric Power Company is also known as SEPCO.

When was SEPCO formed?

SEPCO was established on 26th July 2010 and started operating on 16th August 2010.

Are SEPCO and HESCO the same?

They are not the same. SEPCO was formed when HESCO was divided into two separate entities. As a result, some areas that were previously under HESCO’s jurisdiction are now covered by SEPCO.

Can I pay my SEPCO Bill Online?

Yes, SEPCO bills can be paid online through various methods, including EasyPaisa, JazzCash, ATMs, bank apps, and our electricity bill website.

Can I check my SEPCO Bill Online?

Yes, SEPCO bills can be checked online. You can refer to the detailed steps provided in our article above for more information.

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